Project To Connect American Youths to Hibakusha Winding Down

Setting foot in Hiroshima in early August for the first time, Robert Croonquist expected to feel sorrow for the massive number of lives lost in the U.S. atomic bombing of the city 70 years ago. Instead, the 67-year-old American could not help rejoicing at seeing the familiar faces of atomic bomb survivors he has [...]

70 Years After Hiroshima, It’s Time to Confront the Past

As the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki approaches, several people have been asking me to share my thoughts about those days in 1945, when our world changed forever. The first thing that comes to mind is an image of my four-year-old nephew Eiji — transformed into a charred, blackened and swollen child who [...]

2016-11-16T21:59:07-05:00August 5th, 2015|Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Setsuko Thurlow|

Nuclear Attack Survivors, 70 Years Later

A Race To Keep Stories Alive Seventy years have passed since the United States shocked the world by dropping atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As nuclear powers gather this week to discuss a landmark disarmament treaty, the now-fragile survivors warn this may be their last chance to use [...]

2016-11-16T19:57:24-05:00April 28th, 2015|Hiroshima, Kathleen Sullivan, Nagasaki, Setsuko Thurlow|

Truman Grandson Calls For A-Bomb Survivors To Be Heard

Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of former U.S. President Harry Truman who authorized the 1945 atomic bombings of Japan, on Tuesday called for atomic bomb survivors to be heard to understand the threat of nuclear weapons. Speaking to some 200 local high school students in New York, Daniel said that regardless of whether people agree [...]

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