Hibakusha Stories team upon the adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, UNHQ, July 7, 2017. L to R, bottom row: Robert Croonquist, Setsuko Thurlow, Kathleen Sullivan, Miyako Taguchi. L to R, top row: Alice Slater, Carolina Soto, Mitchie Takeuchi, Susan Strickler, Rachel Clark, visiting intern. photo © Robert Croonquist

as a partner of ICAN wins the 2017 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

We are ecstatic, as a proud member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), to be the recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Hibakusha Stories is one of the 468 organizations in over 100 countries and territories that shares this grass-roots prize.

As Daniel Högsta, ICAN coordinator in Geneva, wrote of our campaign, “You should be SO PROUD of the work you have done!! You have been relentless, intelligent, fun, strategic, creative . . . This incredible honour – one of the most prestigious awards that exists – goes to all of us in ICAN . . . It is abundantly clear that the strength of ICAN lies in all its partner organizations all over the world – you are beyond incredible.”

In this spirit, we would therefore like to announce, to all the hibakusha, to all the teachers, to all the schools that have participated in our programs, this NOBEL PEACE PRIZE belongs to YOU too!

Hibakusha Stories has been involved in the campaign from its inception. In 2007, our director Kathleen Sullivan was invited to Australia to take part in the ICAN inauguration and roll out as a public speaker for youth and general audiences. Part of her first work for the campaign was to write a series of disarmament education lesson plans that were featured on ICAN’s initial website…