In May, 2012, Hibakusha Stories coordinated a screening of The Last Atomic Bomb: Ending the Nuclear Age, a film by Robert Richter, produced by Hibakusha Stories Program Director Dr. Kathleen Sullivan at the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village. Challenging traditional assumptions, the film depticts nuclear proliferation today as seen through the devastating yet inspirational life of Nagasaki survivor Sakue Shimohira who tells her story to college students.  The film is dedicated to making sure the truth about the last atomic bomb deliberately used on human beings will never be forgotten.  After the film, Richter and Sullivan were joined by Hiroshima hibakusha Setsuko Thurlow and Nagasaki hibakusha Yasuaki Yamashita for an engaging discussion.

Photos by Paule Saviano, © 2013 all rights reserved