Each time the hibakusha come to New York, Youth Arts New York, the parent organization of Hibakusha Stories, holds a benefit celebration.  We always remind ourselves why we want to abolish nuclear weapons, and one of those reasons is the beauty of music and the joy we derive from it.  Our benefits have featured the music of Sam Sadigursky and Friends and Jean Rohe and Illusha Tsinadze with okonomiyaki by Taku Nishimae and Japanese food specialties by Hideo Nakao.  We receive generous in kind donations from Kiehls cosmetics, Sakagura Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Geido, Takahachi Bakery, Sushi Choshi, Soba-ya and Miyago Japanese restaurants.  Special guests have included Bob Silberberg and Tom Javits.  Both are related to Shigeko Sasamori through Dr. Norman Cousins, Bob and Tom’s uncle. Shigeko was adopted by Dr. Cousins so that she could come to the United States to pursue her education.

Photos by Robert Croonquist, © 2014 all rights reserved