Martin Lucas, Chair of the Media Studies Department at Hunter College, arranges each year for space at Hunter College for us to conduct a workshops for students in conjunction with a visit to Urasenke Chanoyu Center where students and hibakusha share in one of Japan’s most special traditions: tea ceremony. In May, 2010 Students from Jamaica High School, Queens joined hibakusha Kunihiko Bonkohara, Hirosi Iso, Keiko Murakami, Shigeko Sasamori, Setsuko Thurlow, Michiko Tsukamoto and Takahisa Yamomoto.  Because students had traveled several hours by public transportation before they arrived, first to Jamaica High from their homes and then from the school to Hunter College, we began the day with a mediation to relax everyone and to get into the spirit of tea – harmony, tranquility, purity and respect.

Photos by Janis Lewin, © 2013 all rights reserved