Heidi Hunter writes:

The moment in history when the UN voted to Ban the Bomb! July 7th! 2017. Tears!!! All in favor of treaty except 1 and 1 abstention. From Robert Croonquist: “Just now the United Nations adopted a treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons leading to their total elimination. The vote was 120 yes, one abstention (Singapore) and one against( The Netherlands- the only NATO country present). Absent at the negotiations were the nine nuclear weapons states and those under their nuclear umbrella. That being said, we have created a road map for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Congratulations to ICAN (the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) and all members of civil society and states parties who worked tirelessly for this to happen. The countries taking leadership were South Africa, the State of Palestine, Ireland, Cuba, Ecuador and Austria among others.”